The Night Within

A tale that will take you through a world of legends and the supernatural.

Insight, by Bogdan Dragos


A unique and singularly beautiful collection of poems about life and the constant inner struggle of the human soul.


When ‘duty’ comes a-calling.

There are some people in this world with nothing in common other than the name they bear and the enemy that hunts them. They are called Aliums and they have extraordinary, powerful abilities. How powerful you ask?… Imagine being able to defy the laws of physics or kill someone just by touch.

A peculiar selection of individuals with a devil-may-care attitude, differing personalities, and unusual abilities, gang together against an old enemy organization of assassin monks, established during the Spanish Inquisition. Introductions are made and plans are put in motion that will soon cause sparks to fly and truly give value to the proverbial ‘shit hits the fan’.